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Madden Mobile: The Ultimate Team In (1)

Le 30 octobre 2017, 09:13 dans Humeurs 0

The best players list of your dream team in the game is the key to Madden dominance and ultimate bragging rights. Here's a brief introduction of Madden
Ultimate Team.
Here we will introduce the MUT's levels
The players level in this season of the madden mobile, you can play games and unlock the pack to have the exclusive rewards.
To power up your players
At first, you need to have a buyer, you can buy the players in the market, you can use the Madden NFL 18 coin to buy the players in the market and then get
the team token to strengthen your favorite characters in the madden mobile coins. When you strengthen your player, you will have more chance to win your game.
You can buy madden mobile coins in our website by a cheap price.

Madden Mobile: What’s New In The Madden NFL 18? The Game Style. (1)

Le 26 octobre 2017, 09:05 dans Humeurs 0

madden mobile has the new game style in this new season. The Frostbite Engine brings a new story mode never before seen in Madden Mobile, the Frostbite
game engine has improved the visuals to the heights. It shows the clearly screen and let the game seems more real. It make the game more lively
and interesting.
In order to provide the best game experience to the game players of the madden mobile coins, it has three new game styles; Arcade, Simulation, and
You can try to choose one of three new game mode to experience the difference, they are all interesting for the players to try.
Arcade is the high-octane version of madden mobile. This game style adopt a fast, exciting style of play where high scores and spectacular
catches are the norm and penalties are very limited. The user is the boss and will feel like the most powerful player on the field. This mode
is perfect for the gamer trying to get in a quick, casual, and action-filled game.

Madden NFL 18 EA New Game < Madden NFL 18> Was Launched, The American Football Star Endorse It. (1)

Le 23 octobre 2017, 03:48 dans Humeurs 0

American football is a common sport in the United States, the sport is focused on teamwork and physical
confrontation. The American football is very popular in America and European. In Europe and America and
other countries, its status as much as football and basketball. Recently, the game maker EA has taken
this sport into the game platform, they wanted to make a game about the American football and created a
game called "Madden NFL 18". The game was built by the Frostbite Engine which is better to show the game
screen and make the game players get the better game experience, and join the all-new story mode, the
new game mode will improve the fun of the madden mobile, through the game players to fight with star
Tom Brady on the football field. madden mobile coins is scheduled for August 25 sale, the advanced booking
can let you choose one character of the five teams to join the role of the elite team. The best version
of the history can play three days in advance, you can choose the best players in the history of the
elite team..And our website will provide the reasonable price for the madden mobile coins.

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