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Madden Mobile: EA Executives said Scorpio Project Can Perfectly Show s Amazing Picture (2)

Le 21 octobre 2017, 09:44 dans Humeurs 0

Sderlund continues to say that the amazing screen of madden mobile is EA's exclusive Frostbite Engine and Scorpio's "first encounter"; he said
EA is creating the host "the most sophisticated and high resolution environment picture ". After that, he concluded that Scorpio is a powerful game
platform at the right time to come. Frostbite Engine and Scorpio will combine together to bring the better game experience to the players of the madden mobile coins.
madden mobile looks stunning, but as a game developer, the exquisite picture and the effect is just the beginning of the game to play must also be amazing. We are
always trying to improve the screen, Scorpio is a powerful time in the arrival of a powerful game platform. "
In the conversation, Sderlund shared with us the following madden mobile game screen, let us take a look at EA's Frostbite Engine and Scorpio cooperation after
the product it!

Madden Mobile: X BOX ONE S Will Be Bundled Sale With

Le 18 octobre 2017, 09:16 dans Humeurs 0

Microsoft Corp. announced that the bundling sale will be on sale at the same time as the game <Madden NFL 18> and on August 25 in the United States, Canada
and Mexico.So the X BOX ONE S will be sold with the madden mobile together. The game players can book this bundled X BOX ONE S and the game at the same day.
The bundled sale this time has contained a 500GB Xbox One S, madden mobile coins Standard Version, Xbox Live Gold two weeks trial, 20% discount code and
Xbox Game Pass a month usage.
madden mobile will have a new model of Longshot, the Longshot will make the screen better and bring you the feeling that you are experiencing the story.
It will tell the story of a young player try his best and he constantly promoted. "Moonlight" and "Luke Cage" actor Mahershala Ali will appear in the story mode,
he will play the game player's father in the madden mobile.
So you can enjoy the game story happily at the same time.

Madden Mobile: The Ultimate Team In (2)

Le 16 octobre 2017, 09:00 dans Humeurs 0

Build your team with your squad
In the madden mobile coins, you need to make a team with your friends to have a team of 3 persons, so that you can have a 3 v.s. 3 online team play by your dream team. Learn more about the ultimate team of madden mobile.
You have 3 ways to choose
These positions will decide what your team does.
To create your MUT Squad and choose one of three roles: Offensive Captain, Defensive Captain, or Head Coach.
Choose offense and bring in your players offensive in the game or pick choose the defense defense to make your defensive MUT lineup. If you want to be a Head Coach, please try to manage the time and select the playing fields and uniforms from your Madden Ultimate Team in the madden mobile coins.
Choose the way you want and take actions to win the game.

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